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 Welcome to the YouREC Project

The Freie Universität Berlin’s Centre of Excellence is proud to announce the reception of a further grant by the Commission of the European Communities. The Directorate-General for Education and Culture has granted the Centre, as coordinator, and three other distinguished research institutions in Latvia, Poland and the United Kingdom support for a series of conferences on Political, Economic and Financial Dimensions of an Enlarging Eurozone which are to start in fall 2003. 

The specific objectives:

This project provides a regional network that enables young researchers, mostly doctoral students, from the participating countries to present their research findings out of two closely interlinked issue areas, eastward enlargement and European monetary union, before audiences that are informed and critical as well.  The network includes:

Young researchers will be able to present their research methods and outcomes in front of acade­mic audiences in western respectively central European countries, an experience that is to raise the awareness of different views and to increase the quality of their research. The project aims at increased regional cooperation between the four research insti­tutions concerned and, in particular, to promote the long-term integration of the institu­tions from Poland and Latvia into the professional academic setting of the current EU members.

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